5:21pm- Today, you are winning
August 13, 2015, 4:25 am
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From hard truth to gentle acceptance

you have come full circle. You know,

even against your wanting sometimes

that you will persevere and lose nothing

of your magic in the testing. No Sookie,

but faierie you are and your light will not

wane so long as you continue to shine it

in your darkest hours. You cannot take the past

with you, and need not for you already carry

the world within your heart and it is prone

to breaking under pressure; what you will

carry are the lessons, the love & the strength

you gain with good words & deeds. More

than all those things are the visions &

the memories & the feelings. Who you are

today cannot live for you tomorrow so I will

give you what I can, already practicing &

putting your mind into motion.


Remember what it feels like to be recognized

& know when you are not.


Remember what it feels like to be held

while falling.


Remember that truth is relative & therefore

your kin to be kept close.


Remember that magic is real.


Remember that inter-connection

requires inner-connection.


Remember, listen, affirm, respond to

& accept your best efforts.


Remember, period


Nothing is a dream.


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