September 15, 2014, 10:08 pm
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i want so much to be new

a human unheard of

its hard when i follow

the path, but can´t feel

it beneath my feet, the

not me is back, occupying

my spine, i can´t sit

because i can´t breath,

i need to move so i begin

to tremble, hoping the

uncontrol will shake

me back to my senses-

it doesn´t happen that

often, that it works.

or does it? if i am not

feeling, can i know?

perhaps my muscles

are performing better

than they have for years,

maybe the child inside me

was spazzier than i remember,

which i likely cuz i don´t

remember much. i remember

dirt. being with it, sharing

the flavor of it in my

mouth, happy and

unending. the closest bliss

is so far away now and

i don´t know that feeling

is always good. is it

okay when my eyes freeze?

there are muscles in my face

that never relax. my mouth

remembers. i can no longer swallow,

only gag. i am fixed upon it, sauron has

nothing on my intent, always,

always i am burning for it, the

emptiness of my mouth, the

relaxation of knowing that i

am in control of what exits,

and enters.


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