just away
March 22, 2012, 7:23 am
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ride! betsy ride!

over these hills

to where i can hide.

the obstacles won´t

make me fall, not when

i´ve got so many reasons

to stand tall: he raped me;

i´m alive. that tree,

almost, killed me;

guns in my face

i´ve survived;

no peace in this place

named home. so i roam

astride my trusty ride.

just in the nick of time,

always, she comes when

i need to run. away from: …

made to climb mountains,

built to traverse unstable

earth, and brush stomped,

or chewed to mush, not to

eat tin cans and rush.

i tell you billy, those

beards don´t grow

for no reason. only after

a season of struggle against

gravity, forces that pull

and push down on, against

the ignorant who treat these

kind as clowns, distractions

made only to amuse while

they refuse to peruse their own

reasons to live not like an animal

with guts of steel, so much more

than they can handle,

one that will make a bed,

and lay upon it with the stars

overhead. around it: no chickens,

no rats, no sweetness sucking bats,

only the distance between there

and here, this place for only escape,

goats, and their riders.


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