where do we go from here? – may 26, 2009
December 1, 2011, 8:19 am
Filed under: wondering road

right now the road leads to scotland. i was all excited and pumped up to reconnect with a friend doing amazing things in edinburgh when that damn murphy tracked us down and gave him mono. he goes back to oakland tomorrow, once again, alas. but all is well, being the piece of beautiful that he is he offered to let me stay in his flat so although he won’t be there, i have a home in scotland. he also has two other friends coming on the 31st who are from oakland too, so that should be interesting. it’s hard to get a group of people from the bay together and not have somewhat fantastical times ensue. dublin continues to be pretty and i continue to sleep, walk and drink it in. my internal clock has finally gotten used to the time change and is correctly waking me up at 11:45 instead of 6 in the morning. it feels good to be back on track! in between the walking, sleeping and drinking there have been a fair number of stories, but of course they can’t all make it onto here, and some simply aren’t meant to be told to the general public, but here’s one for the road:

after i made it back to the hostel from my night out with the future health care workers of france, which was a story in itself, i was enjoying my last smoke of the night, inhaling with it the damp air of the early morning, the exoticism of being so far from home and the warm fuzzy glow that travel gives me. i was presently joined by a group of six young french people. in halting english they asked me if i could find them alcohol. i sadly told them no. nonplussed, they sat themselves on the stoop and proceeded to ask all persons that went by the same question. they finally landed upon a pair of irish late nighters, and after having watched their futile attempts i resolved to help them in their quest. i stood up, and promptly tripped down the stairs. i straightened myself with as much dignity as i could manage, tossed the hair that doesn’t fall to my shoulders and provided a translation of what they were looking for. in the end, i think i only made it worse. the irelanders understood that they were looking for alcohol, and they asked for how many. i said six, they repeated that to find that much for six would be impossible. the main protagonist of the french group got confused by his accent and thought they were asking for sex, which she vehemently told them they were not going to get. and i found myself stuck in a complicated language triangle. i vainly tried to bring up my year of french, only managing to garble out a non-sensical statement about wanting and six. i’m sure it didn’t help. i eventually gave up and sat right back down on the stoop to finish my night gazing. the irish guys eventually gave up too and as it turned out were other inhabitants of the hostel, so they brushed past us up the stairs and to the interior. when i was through, i went back inside and turned the corner to my stairs only to find those same guys heading back out with a trio of beers. they stopped and chatted me up for a second as we tried to puzzle out exactly what had happened a few minutes before. it turned out they were from belfast and in dublin for the weekend. they asked, and i told them that i was here traveling around, you know, just out exploring the world. they seemed quite touched by this and insisted that i take their spare beer. never one to refuse anything free i said sure. they gave me huge hugs and wished me well on my journey, and that was that. i returned to my room a beer richer and went to sleep with dreams of silly drunk people dancing in my head.

all of that to say that life continues as it ever has for me, experience by experience, almost all of them funny, most of them inspired by the chance encounters of the universe, which i have recently decided is a polyverse. and i have been on the internet for a million years planning my next steps, so now i go to actually take them.


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