the nose knows – may 24, 2009
December 1, 2011, 8:13 am
Filed under: wondering road

stab. a bright blade of light penetrates the shield of my eyelids and i find myself no longer dreaming. blink and sigh. the rustle of borrowed sheets as i stretch myself back into awareness of this world. eyes now open though not totally adjusted i browse my surroundings to see what the morning brings. green carpets, yellow walls and the bunk beds that line them. ten, but only two others besides my own are occupied. i am grateful to be spared the dense press of the basement dorm twice this size with half the charm. i roll over to my right and look at the patchwork of windows, plaster and wood that create the dublin skyline. ahead are geometrically odd windows tinted yellow, purple and blue with the fresh paint strokes of dawn. heavy textured clouds create a quilt of light and density to the north- on my left- while the southern sky remains clear and opaque to the shifting of heat air and energy. squinting. reaching my neck forward to try and discern the direction of the sea. little luck, the city surrounds me and the presence of a crane provides the only hint to the possible direction of the port. i inhale deeply savoring the slightly musty, damp and blue smell that always carries memories of travel, adventure, discovery, rampant smoking and intoxication. not just with alcohol but with this way of life. every once and again i catch this scent on my own continent; it is rare and happens more often in the east than in the west i make home. though the images and feelings are a complex mosaic of experience, there is only one thought that adequately describes what this scent makes me think, feel and tingle: the lands beyond.


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