playing catch-up – june 22, 2009
December 1, 2011, 9:02 am
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i’ve been gone for over a month now and although few of them have been recorded here, the adventures have been non stop. after i left the love of my life, holyrood park in edinburgh, i spent the next three days traveling to holland. i did a little research and found that train and ferry were there best way for me to get there. knowing that much i decided to let the rest figure itself out. after one last looong walk in holyrood i went to the train station and in my excitement misread the train boards. i bought a ticket for a train that was actually arriving and not leaving, and by the time i figured out my mistake the train that was actually going where i wanted had left. it was 7pm and the next train to london wasn’t until 11:40 and the woman at the ticket counter didn’t know if there was would be space on it. i was told to ask at the first class counter. there was no one there. so is spent the next hour.5 playing with my hair and watching the door to see if anyone might ever show up. someone eventually did after i had lost all hope and figured i’d just be sleeping on the bench i appeared to be leasing from the station. she was very nice and let me know that yes indeed there would be space, and she even let me snarf the first class passengers tea and cookies athough i wasn’t one. my only real complaint is that though i had a ticket for travel, they never checked! the most expensive ticket i’ve bought so far for nothing! oh well you live and you learn.

the train ride was nice and it was incredibly pleasant to watch the sunrise over the english countryside. i arrived in london bright and early with a strong desire to sleep and nowhere to do it. i needed to be in the port town of harwich by 9 or so to try and buy a ferry ticket, so i spent the day wandering around london. and i made the most wonderful discovery, frobscottle and snoozecumbers! while looking for somewhere to pee i was directed to the children’s museum which happened to be having an exhibit on the illustrations that quentin blake did for the roald dahl books, which means that i promptly pooped myself with joy. i spent the next few hours with a smile plastered to my face as i discovered more than i ever knew existed about the history of children’s amusement and those lively little illustrations that used to make me squirm with delight. i was also fortunate enough to be a fly on the wall during an interview with one of fela kuti’s cronies who was opening an exhibit at a little gallery on my path. i was trying to see a movie, but had missed the time, typical, but instead i was able to listen to him tell his story to a reporter as i got a look at the exhibit being put together. awesome sauce of the tastiest kind.

i caught my train to harwich, after having to run through the train terminal with my overstuffed backpack and getting left by the first one i wanted, and arrived with plenty of time to spare. i was able to get a ticket without issue and returned to the occupation that paid my rent on benches, playing with my hair. finally it was time to board and as i did three guys in front of me on the gangplank could not resist the urge to shout, i never thought i’d be on a boat, it’s a long blue watery road posieeedon look at meeeee!! for those of you who know the lonely island, you know what comes next. the moment was perfect. i found my cabin, which i had to myself, had a nightcap and a cigarette as i watched the lights of england fade behind me and then for the first time in more than 48 hours, laid down and went to sleep. when i was woken up by dutch blaring over the speaker above my head i can tell you it was one of the saddest moments of my life. i was sleeping the kind of sleep that makes you feel that never waking up again wouldn’t be quite so bad. but awake i was, and in holland! one of my favoritest of countries. we landed in hoek van holland, a cute little resort town and i caught the train to rotterdam. i had no hostel reservations and spent my first hour.5 there in the information office trying to find somewhere to sleep. little did i know that if i had just asked the woman at the desk my problem could have been solved in five minutes. sigh. i’m realizing i really do like taking the long way to get places. moving on.

i ended up at hostel room, an awesome art deco hostel located on the river maas near the erasmus bridge. my room wasn’t ready yet, so i found myself once again wandering around a european town delirious from lack of sleep. good times. i went to the museum which happened to be free that day and held out from going to sleep for as long as i could. i made it until about 4 in the afternoon. i woke up the next day quite pleased with myself. and that’s where i will end this now. a tale of two cities comes next.


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