edinburgh ahhhh – june 10, 2009
December 1, 2011, 8:53 am
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so it’s been a long while since i’ve added anything to the site because the rolling hills of scotland have been distracting me. i only intended to spend a weekend in this capital, and 8 days later i’m still here. what can i say, i fell in love. there’s many reasons i love edinburgh, the unbelievable architecture, the friendliness of the people, the awesomeness of my flatmates, but mostly it’s due to holyrood park. this park spreads over the hilliest areas of the city culminating in the craggy peak of arthur’s seat with unbeatable views of the northern seas. but even that is not what i love about it. over grass, dirt, moss and stone, a vein-like system of trails has been made by people literally beating their own path, i can look at the park from almost any angle and see brightly colored spots scrambling over rocks and boulders. i don’t know what it is about scottish terrain, but it’s just incredibly easy to walk over, even if it happens to going over the side of a cliff. being the awful tourist that i am i spent most of my days sunning, climbing and walking rather than looking at yet another painting by titian, rembrant or van gogh, which is not to diss them, but honestly, i’ve been seeing the same artists in different museums my whole life.

anywho, outside of my nature loving days i also spent glorious nights in edinburgh. both of my flatmates, luke and ed, welcomed me into their world and let me steal some of their friends. ed, an austin texan, had friends visiting from undergrad and at the end of a day of wandering i ran into them on my way back to the hostel. they invited me to come with them to the pub, so i did an about face and from there the rest is history. we ended the night celebrating vegas at the local burlesque showhouse and walking the walk of the tired, drunk and excited through the streets in the semi-dark of scottish summer nights. ahh, the best of times. sadly they were leaving to go trekking in the highlands, which as i later heard was mostly occupied by paper-boat races, annoying a serious middle aged trekker named barb, and sleeping. but when they got back i had the most beautiful welcome. i was in the kitchen making breakfast (or lunch for those of you who think breakfast can’t be eaten at 2 in the afternoon) when ed walks in. that was the first time i´d seen  any of them since they’d been back. we said hi, chatted for a second, and he abruptly leaves. approx 2 minutes later phil and peter burst into the kitchen, literally scaring me into dropping my spoon into breakfast, and enveloped me in a huuuge bro hug. they, like i, thought i would be gone already; i felt the love : – ).

while ed and the boys were the party guys, putting their livers through truly herculean tests of endurance, luke and i were just super chill. an archaeologist from toronto, we delighted in nerding out with each other and complaining about why people suck. his friend rich, his soulmate should he ever decide he’s gay, would join us and it would turn into the best bouts of trash talking and snarky one liners. we got our share of shennanigans in too though. the memory of streetlights playing over slick cobblestone streets as we raced past frisbee flying, the steady click-click of our heels providing the background for my narration of this huge moment in sports history, will always make me smile. there’s more to be said about edinburgh, which i can’t force myself to sit in front of the computer and write now. meh, all things with time.


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