may 24, 2009
December 1, 2011, 8:05 am
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So originally i was going to make the website all pretty and appealing, but then i figured what the hell i might as well just start posting now and consider it as i do life, a work in progress. besides, this way you guys can give me feed back. it’s sunday now and i’ve spent three nights in dublin, though only one of them has actually been terribly productive. i was planning to do dinner and drinks with the andalucians but couldn’t make it past dinner; honestly after doing a day of touring irish museums speaking nothing but spanish my brain was pretty fried. so i spent a quiet night in the hostel, went for my standard midnight stroll and left it at that. yesterday was a day of traveling at far more my speed, not being much of a tourist the day spent with estella and antonio doing the sightseeing thing was more of an excuse for me to practice being social and speaking spanish somewhat coherently again. it wasn’t until yesterday when i put my wandering shoes on that i really began to feel like i was journeying. the first thing i discovered? cocoa butter! and lots of it. right around the corner from my hostel is a beauty supply store well stocked in all forms of palmer’s cocoa butter; it was then i knew that i could work this city. that discovery inspired me to go shopping, obvious right?! i don’t know what it is, i could be wearing the latest in jazzy fashion, but if i’m not moisturized it just doesn’t feel right; i’ve been saying it since i was seven: moisturization is the key to life. moving on, so i wandered around dublin taking advantage of all their sales (they’re going through a recession right now as well, so as with us, it’s all incentives to buy everywhere, and this time i caved :-). many hours and a full shopping bag later i arrived back at the hostel to find claire and laura, two french medical students with whom i share the corner of our basement dorm, planning their nights activities. in an interesting mix of french and english we decided we’d go out together. all moisturized and freshly decked in european sale fashion, i was ready. we wanted to go to an irish dance show, but that turned out to be a bust so we went to the tourist trap that is the temple bar area.

after perusing the options, we settled on a place called fitzsimmons. there was live music, a cover band playing mostly u.s. favorites from the end of the last millenium, a sardine like press of drunkies shouting along to bon jovi and greenday, and for whatever reason a ton of bachelor and bachelorette parties happening. me being me, it didn’t take long for some random to approach me and entice me to lift my jameson and my voice in cahoots with everyone around me. a jig was done, hugs were shared, he introduced me to his best friend, and then he was gone. it didn’t really bother me, he’d been stepping on my new shoes. laura and claire were clearly unimpressed by the place and it was hard to converse across both a language barrier and the rowdy bar atmosphere. we wandered the pub’s many levels and ended up on the third level where the dj was heavy into his set of dancehall inspired top 40’s tunes, wierd to say the least. we danced a little, though they weren’t much into the music which made it even harder to really enjoy, but whatev’s, give me a rhythm and a drink and i could generally care less what anyone around me is doing. and apparently i was doing a damn good job of it, i was invited to a wedding two weeks from now, but the inviter was not inspiring so i pretended i didn’t understand english (the true grace of being bilingual!) eventually i had to leave claire and laura because i just couldn’t take the whole, we’re out but not really enjoying ourselves deal, so i went to the roof terrace for a smoke break. there i met the manager of a head shop here in dublin, of course, and his friend who was visiting from germany ( i do get around don’t i, she said knowingly), we talked shit for a bit then went back down to the dance floor because the night air was a tad nipply. after getting into my groove again, i left, tired of being trampled on and being reminded of how poorly europeans dance. it may seem harsh, but that is huge to me. even to me it sounds a little arrogrant and ridiculous, but it’s really difficult to be the only person on beat in a room full of people. now that’s not really the point of dance i know, and i have thrown many a personal dance party where rhythm was not invited, but i just can’t do the thrash around stupidly in public dance. ok, enough trash talking. after i left, not being able to find claire and laura on my return to the dance floor, i went to the neighborhood’s namesake and had a little nightcap, chatted with yet another irish person that thinks dublin is the pits, and took myself home. while enjoying my last cigarette of the night i tried to help a group of french people procure alcohol at 3:30 in the morning, succeeding only in tripping down the stairs and making an ass of myself. despite the lack of luck for the frenchies, it did end up with me being gifted a beer so all’s well that ends well! i woke up quite sure that i’d been drinking the night before and was glad for it. and now that i’m through assaulting the nostrils of the people around me i’m off to shower. toots.

p.s. speaking of toots, toots and the maytails will be here next week, i swear to amen ra that they follow me around the world; everytime i opened the paper in the bay, toots and the maytails were coming, everytime i opened the paper in new york, toots and the maytails were coming, and now in dublin! i just might have to go, besides, i’m sure my people will be there ;-P


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