a heart demands of a head
February 5, 2009, 5:24 am
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why can’t you make my dreams come true, isn’t the construction of reality your field of business?

what do you want from me, the head complains pleadingly, why can’t you just leave me alone?!

the heart chuckles gently and allows itself a little shudder of amusement, you already know why: if i did that we’d be trapped inside a schizophrenic hermit and that would never do.

the head sighs knowing the truth of what the heart speaks, always you are asking me these questions, the whys and the whats of the world; i seek only to ponder my own mysteries, i have no answers for you.

oh when will you learn you silly head! i expect no answers from you, only the pleasure of discourse between equals.

so you say, so you say, the head replies dubiously, still skeptical of the hearts true motives and intentions, so riddle me this: why ask questions you expect no answers to?

well that’s simple enough, answers the heart, the knowledge lies not in the end, which is the answer, but in the means we take to reach that end, the roads we reach to get there, we discover nothing unless we take the journey. i am looking for something and the only way to begin my search, my journey, is to ask the questions. i know i can be confusing because i don’t always know the right questions to ask, but they are a beginning, the first steps along the way. and we must go. it is time to go. why do you fear my questions, why do you fear this beginning?

it is because you show me what i do not know, rub my ignorance in my face with your never ending questions that burn like sea water on freshly shaved legs. i feel my purpose to be unfulfilled if i cannot supply the information you seek and it hurts my pride to find myself unknowing.

the heart listens quietly and begins to pitter-patter with mirth, oh you silly, silly thing! how can you feel ashamed when i admit my own ignorance by asking the questions? come let us put and end to our bickering and lonely paths and tie our fortunes together in search of the answers.

the head sits back for a moment thunderstruck by the implications of what it has heard, too dazed to respond. it eventually finds it’s voice and speaks, you are right. there is no reason to do this alone, no need to accept the solitude and shame of ignorance, no need to fear that someone will discover we are so for it is there for the world to see. yes, i do believe you are right, the time is now. let us go and seek our answers. who knows what we may find: ends, beginnings, perhaps nothing more than fond memories to carry along the way.


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