the beginning
November 27, 2008, 4:24 am
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i have always been hesitant about new technology, reluctant to admit the power of its possibility. most of the time i just don’t really get how it makes anyones life any better, a lot cooler maybe, but not really better. and being the crotchety old lady that i am, to have it just be cool is usually not enough to float my boat. when the iphone came out i was quite underwhelmed, its touchscreen technology not in the least bit titillating; give me a phone that can do my taxes and make me a sandwich and i’ll be impressed, creating a different way for me to press buttons just doesn’t do it for me. by creating this blog i am declaring myself a hypocrite because i’ve openly mocked blogging, snickered at the poor narcissistic souls that turn to the internet because they lack real life connections, basically losers (which really says a lot more about me than anyone else). and now i am one of them. go figure. i guess that’s what i get for pooping on other people’s parades. so i spent ten minutes looking at this layout gadget thingy, trying to decide how i might start this, before i realized how absurd that was and began.

the obvious place to start is the beginning, why i have decided to join the 21st century and create a virtual space to broadcast the thoughts in my head. i am a storyteller, not really by choice, it’s just what i do. the randomness that permeates my life has led to quite a few misguided adventures and well intentioned shenannigans, in addition to general jackassery, and i greatly enjoy regaling my friends, and horrifying my parents, with the stories that form my life. and not just my own stories, but other people’s as well. i am one of those people strangers feel very comfortable divulging the most intimate, and usually unasked for, details of their life to. for quite some time now people have suggested to me that i should write these down, and i do, but after having told them to all my friends first it’s often hard for me to get the will to retell the story on paper. so i am flipping the script and giving the written word more power in my world.

and so i have become one of “them” and started a blog, started documenting these stories as people have always told me i should. i have no great plan for their sequence or the manner of their telling, but if my feedback from others is to be believed, regardless of delivery they will at least be amusing, possibly even intellectually stimulating. i guess we’ll just have to wait and see!


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great beginning for a blog or novel for that matter!! I’m looking forward to reading much more


Comment by andrew

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